Vintage TV Guide

TV Hebdo Editions

TV Hebdo is a French language TV listings magazine similar to TV Guide. Like TV Guide, TV Hebdo had different editions. It is not known if TV Hebdo had editions that served metropolitan areas outside of Montreal.

TV Hebdo Metropolitan Edition

The Hebdo Metropolitan Edition (Édition Metropolitaine) primarily served the Montreal area but also included some locals from Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivieres. By the 1980s TV Hebdo began listing some French and English Pay-TV and cable channels.

TV Hebdo National Edition

The Hebdo National Edition (Édition Nationale) was a single edition that served the province of Quebec . Initially this edition listed Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivieres locals along with several French and English specialty channels. By the late 1990s nearly all Quebec locals were listed in TV Hebdo.

TV Hebdo Metro Cable Edition

TV Hebdo Metro Cable Edition (Édition Métro Câble) began as early as 1992 and initially featured numerical bullets that corresponded to Videotron's Montreal cable line-up. By 1995, this edition also featured numeric bullets for CF Cable in Montreal as well. Videotron Montreal was indicated with black numeric bullets while CF Cable was indicated with white numeric bullets.