Vintage TV Guide

TV 7 Jours Editions

TV 7 Jours is a French language TV listings magazine similar to TV Hebdo (The main French publication in Quebec) and TV Guide. Like TV Hebdo and TV Guide, TV 7 Jours had different editions. Unlike TV Hebdo, TV 7 Jours cable edition featured both CF Cable and Videotron listings for Montreal

National Edition

The national edition (Edition Nationale) featured local listings for most television stations in Quebec and Eastern Ontario. The local listings used numerical bullets similar to what was used in TV Guide. Most of the French language specialty channels were listed along with a few English specialty channels.

Cable Edition

The Cable Edition (Edition Câble) featured cable specific listings for Videotron Cable and CF Cable in Montreal. Videotron was designated with black numeric bullets while CF Cable was designated with white numeric bullets.