Vintage TV Guide

TV Plus

TV Plus was a French language TV Listings magazine that operated from the late 1970s to the mid 1990s in the province of Québec. The magazine was published by Telemedia Quebec. The first issue debuted in 1978. It is unclear when the last issue was published however by 1996, TV Plus fell under the same ownership as the more popular TV Hebo and TV 7 Jours magazines.

Broadcast, Pay-TV & Specialty Channels

TV Plus included listings for most broadcast channels in Québec, Eastern Ontario and some U.S. locals from Maine, Vermont and upstate New York. In the early years of Pay-TV, TV Plus did not feature any listings for French or English Pay-TV channels. By the late 1980s, Pay-TV channels, Super Ecran and TSN had separate features though were not included in the daily listings. TVFQ 99 was listed in the daily listings up until it was replaced by TV5. TV5 continued to be the lone specialty channel to be included in the daily listings.


TV Plus published one single edition for the entire province of Québec. It does not appear that TV Plus ever printed more than one single edition while in operation.