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Our TV 7 Jours Collection

This is a complete list of TV 7 Jours magazines in our collection. We are looking to add additional TV 7 Jours magazines to our collection. Please see the Wanted TV Guides and Wanted TV Guide Editions section for more information. Additionally from time-to-time, we may have some TV 7 Jours magazines available for trade; please see the TV Guides for Trade section for details.

Volume Year Date Edition
Vol 01 No 191998June 13 1992Edition Nationale
Vol 02 No 081996March 27 1993Edition Nationale
Vol 02 No 511996January 22 1994Edition Nationale
Vol 03 No 261994July 30 1994Edition Câble
Vol 03 No 331994September 17 1994Edition Nationale
Vol 04 No 291992August 19 1995Edition Câble
Vol 07 No 031995February 14 1998Edition Nationale
Vol 10 No 282002August 3 2002Edition Nationale
Vol 12 No 501993January 3 2004Edition Nationale