Vintage TV Guide

Vintage Newspaper TV Guides Channel Listings

Many Canadian newspapers distributed weekly TV listings magazines with their newspapers starting mostly in the 1960s Originally most newspapers included the TV listings within the daily publication of the newspapers. By the early 1960s many newspapers started offering a separate publication typically in their Saturday or Sunday newspaper. By the mid-late 2000s many newspapers started phasing out printed listings due to many customers having electronic program guides inlcuded with the cable or satellite subscription and the wide availability of online listings.

Below is a collection of channel listings from various TV Listing magazines from newspapers. If you would like to submit a scan, please send it to

The Winnipeg Sun Preview

The Toronto Star Starweek

The Toronto Sun TV Magazine

The Ottawa Citizen TV Times

The Gazette (Montreal) TV Times

The Leader Post (Regina) TV Times

The Daily News (Halifax) TV Times